Do you travel to our event?

We are a mobile company - we come to you anywhere within King County, and surrounding areas. All you need to do is pick the location and let us know where to be! Outdoors, indoors, turf, grass, or a gym, Bubbleball is great almost anywhere. For indoor arenas, we suggest that you choose somewhere with an open area around the size of a basketball court. For outdoor arenas, we suggest any open area with a soft ground. Let us know if you would like any location suggestions from us. We are also happy to make arrangements for events outside of King County with additional costs depending on distance.

Am I in charge of scheduling a location for the event?

Typically, you choose the location and we make sure that it is booked and secure for your event. Of course, if you schedule a location yourself that is great, too!

Am I responsible for setup and breakdown?

Of course not! We will be there early and stay later than your scheduled time in order for you to make the most of the fun. There is no extra cost for travel time, or time spent for set-up and takedown. We will arrive at the location about 20 minutes early before the event, to set up the bubbleballs, field markers, and other game equipment. Then, a ref will stay throughout the event to help lead the fun!

Do we have to play soccer?

No way! You’re more than welcome to toss, tumble, bump, and bounce for your event. We do provide a ball and nets if you want to play soccer. No need to know the rules - we’ll explain and it’s easy to learn!

What type of weather can I play bubbleball in?

Your bubbleball event can be played in both indoor and outdoor arenas. However, if played outside bubbleball soccer can only be played in dry weather. In cases of a downpour or more, we will cancel the event and reschedule or try to move it indoors. Your safety is our priority, and our bubble suits have been through a series of quality testing to ensure that you are kept safe.